Monday, February 9, 2009

The World January 2009

Jan 1: The 60th anniversary of Cunban revolution is celebrating with great enthusiasm; through out the World; especially in Latin America.
Jan 2: The attack on GASA continuing 60% of the killed is common man including 400 children; The news is very shocking.
Jan 20: Barack Hussain Obama sworn-in as the 44th President of United States of America. He ordered to shutdown the Guatanoma Jail. His message of the moment to the Muslim WOrld is that the Muslims are not enemies of USA.
Jan 25: Eva Morales won the referendum in Bolivia with a big margin in a constitutional amendment.
* Obama to close Guantanoma Prison
* Mikel Stal an Afro-Asian elected as Republican pearty Chairman
Is it a continuation of Obama's election?
* Sherk Sheriff Sheik Ahmmed elected as Somalian President
* In January 1 lakh people lost their jobs is US
* Giant Medical Producers
Giant instrument producers and
plane co- Boying- Chicago are cut down their workers, this month.
* 3oth anniversary of Iran revolution celebrating
* 10 years completed Chaves in presidencial Office

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